Rewiring our brains for lasting behavioral change is not always easy; yet through sound coaching practices, intelligent and resourceful leaders achieve incredible insights as a result of the coaching process. 


Coaching tackles many fluid topics, as real-time challenges present themselves. Topics, discussions, and goals are co-created with the client and the Thought Partner to ensure outcomes have their greatest impact.

Leaders and Thought Partners frequently explore the following coaching topics:
  • Resolving barriers to problem solving

  • Preparing for career transitions and next-level positions

  • Navigating challenging situations and equally challenging people

  • Strengthening relationships and improving communications

  • Reducing overwhelm and prioritizing impactful action

  • Leading while navigating significant personal life transitions

1:1 Coaching

  • Ideally begins with an assessment – behavioral, 360, soft skills, EQ

  • Client & Thought Partner reflect on the insights provided

  • Coaching process begins

  • Coaching focuses on the development of new behaviors and the changes needed to sustain them

  • Most successful engagements:

    • 6, 9, or 12-month contract
    • Sessions every 2-4 weeks for 60 minutes
    • Progress reviewed on a periodic basis to keep goals in focus

Private Group & Corporate Group Coaching

  • Coach-facilitated, peer-learning environment

  • Focused on accelerating leadership development across competencies

  • Confidential setting where participants create long-term behavioral changes

  • Private 1:1 coaching sessions are typically included to ensure personal coaching goals are being met

  • Most successful engagements:

    • 3 or 6-month contract 
    • Sessions every 2-4 weeks for 60-90 minutes
    • Progress reviewed on a periodic basis to keep goals in focus 

Group Coaching participants frequently bring forth the following coaching topics:

  • Increasing productivity while distinguishing between urgent and important priorities

  • Fostering collaborative work teams and working environments

  • Managing a remote workforce

  • Increasing executive presence

  • Communicating more effectively

  • Leading through change and conflict resolution

Discovery Webinar

We’ve found success with the following group coaching programs:

  • Women Leading Work: Coaching specifically focused on the unique challenges, opportunities, and perspectives of women leaders leading work

  • Next Level Success for Next Level Leaders: Emerging and High Potential Leaders

  • The First 90 Days - Newly Promoted Leaders: Leadership skill onboarding via coaching engagement; the quickest way to level up promoted managers to capable leaders

Strengths-Based Jumpstart Program

Personalized Professional Coaching for motivated, successful individuals focused on achieving their personal and professional goals. Using a Strengths-Based approach, clients understand how to align their strengths and talents to create the powerful changes they want in their lives.

Learn more about the program here.

Strengths-Based Jumpstart
Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

  • Resilience & Empowerment

  • Dynamics & Spheres of Control

  • Personal & Leadership Inventories

  • Challenging Conversations in the Workplace

  • Creating Connection & Fostering Engagement

  • Customized Topics as Requested

Feedback from Presentations & Keynotes

It was high level!!!! Brilliant!! Thank you.
Every manager should take a course in this!
Best presentation yet this seminar! Please have her come back for more training. She has a lot of energy and her delivery is amazing. Makes you WANT to have difficult conversations just to practice what she's teaching.
Best presentation thus far!!! Great energy!!! Knew her stuff blindfolded!!! Love her!!!
Best speaker of the conference - loved the specifics she shared.
I'm leaving with new insights on how to talk, not only in my work place but also in my personal life. Thank you.
Stacy is an excellent presenter; kept my attention the entire time.
This was incredible. I've been doing this for 24 years. Wondered what I could learn about difficult conversations but wow... I learned a great deal.
Best presentation ever! Thank you!
I walked away with many tools to be successful in future conversations. My greatest take away was the difference between feedback and coaching. Many times I felt I was coaching but actually I was providing feedback with no platform for a successful outcome.
Stacy presented in an impossible setting, making it very doable and filled me with hope. Thank you Stacy - I was coaxed and charmed into the bullpen.
Best session so far. Extremely well presented and such a critical topic.
I took 3 pages of notes!! This was a GREAT session!!!!
Stacy is a FABULOUS presenter. One of the best sessions I've attended. EVER. Really good. Please bring her back again.
Excellent presentation with actual tangible theories/practices that I can see myself putting into good use!
Stacy was fantastic! The best breakout session so far! Would love to see her present again!
Stacy had great energy and knowledge of the subject. She made me look at our employee engagement in a different light.
Outstanding content - well chosen and very well aligned to both early and experienced HR practitioners. Well worth the time investment.
Extremely knowledgable speaker. I will be looking for the ``Thought Partner Friday`` emails.
Very insightful, and I will, for sure, incorporate the tips from today into my future employee coachings!
One of the rare webinars I attended where you get actual tangible action items that can be easily implemented. Great job Stacy! I really enjoyed the webinar. Thank you for sharing your recommendations!
This was one of the best webinars I have seen yet! Incredibly practical and helpful - Stacy got lots of info into a short amount of time - I will re-watch!
Stacy provided so many insights into turning around high disengagement percentages by creating an environment of connectivity! Thank you for an excellent webinar with so many takeaways!
This was absolutely worth the hour of my time. Stacy’s insight on this topic has motivated me to get to work!
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CALA Conference
CALA Conference

Leadership Workshops & Trainings

SBJ Consulting, Inc. is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM- SCP®.



SBJ Consulting, Inc. provides a wide cross-section of individual and team assessments. The use of these assessments helps create more impactful coaching conversations, provides a quicker avenue in building rapport, and markedly improves team dynamics and personal understanding.

Download an overview of our Core Assessments here (PDF)

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