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Ever wish you had:

a designated time and place to process the ever-swirling thoughts and ideas in your mind?
a thought partner dedicated to listening, reflecting back your thoughts, and holding space as you find your path forward? 
someone to hold you accountable for taking action on the steps you committed to take?
a means of finding greater fulfillment and excitement from your work and personal life?

Enter the Thought Partner. Enter the Coach.

A Thought Partner and Coach understands their clients are intelligent, resourceful, and whole. They’ve created successful lives for themselves and yet they are challenged at times to see a way forward to achieve what it is they really want.

The most successful among us experience doubt, self-criticism and a second-guessing of our paths and choices; it’s normal and happens more than we publicly admit. Often we wish we could reinvent ourselves or our work personas, yet we’re unsure how to create that pathway.

With our ever-changing workforce expanding around us, stronger, more confident, self-aware leaders are needed now more than ever. Leaders are in need of a safe, often external, place to think out loud and process the mental overwhelm. It is critical leaders make it a practice to invest in themselves. Everyone needs a coach.

Stacy Berg Jackson, CPC, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, M.Ed

Let’s explore if we’re the right thought partner to support you in taking the actions you WANT, to achieve the results you DESERVE.

Great coaching isn’t always smooth, comfortable, or easy, but the behavioral changes and insights acquired are remarkable.

– Stacy Berg Jackson

Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.

– Bill Gates
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Breakthrough Coaching
diversity equity and inclusion in the workplace
Hogan Certified
WPSB Certified

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What our clients are saying

I thoroughly enjoyed the 1:1 coaching program and feel better prepared for success moving forward. With the assistance of self-assessments and a 360-Degree review, Stacy was able to help me identify and build on my current strengths and help me come up with a plan on how to improve where needed. I now have a better understanding of how my co-workers perceive my working and communication style; and just as importantly, I have a better understanding of how I differ from others and how to best navigate our varied styles. Stacy's expertise and objectivity were truly invaluable. She was kind and upbeat, but also challenged me and held me accountable throughout the process. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to do this work with her and hope to again in the future.
Mike Callahan
Mike Callahan
Senior Vice President, Zorch
We have repeatedly collaborated with SBJ Consulting to coordinate 360 Assessments and leadership coaching for our Executive Team. Stacy has not only consistently delivered on her commitments to us, but she has exceeded our expectations at each turn. It is extremely important to us that we engage an external partner we trust, and can confidently rely upon, to challenge and further develop our leadership. Going forward, we will continue to augment our human capital initiatives through our partnership with Stacy.
Joe Stegman
Joe Stegman
Principal, Chief People & Culture Officer, Plus Group
We [Environmental Solutions Group] engaged Stacy through WM’s “Share the Green” initiative to provide leadership training for our Directors and above. Stacy is positive, upbeat, credible, and keeps the team engaged. We are continuing our partnership with SBJ through her executive coaching offering and look forward to seeing the results of her program with our talent.
Heather Stalvey
Heather Lane Stalvey, MBA, SPHR
VP of Human Resources, Environmental Solutions Group
We have been very fortunate to work with Stacy Jackson and SBJ Consulting for over 10 years. Stacy has been there from the beginning and every important step along the way. Her expertise has been instrumental in the establishment and the success of Surfside Urgent Care. Stacy's leadership and coaching skills have guided and coached us through situations that we could have never done ourselves. Stacy has always been quick and energetic in response to our needs in the growth and development of our company. Honestly, Stacy Jackson has been a big part in the success of our company.
Tina St. Clair
Tina St. Clair, PA-C, PhD
Owner, Partner Surfside Urgent Care
Stacy Jackson has enabled me to become a better leader and person by allowing me to differentiate between my role as CEO and my identity as a person. This has had a tremendous impact both personally and professionally. In alignment with our companies core value of continuous improvement, Stacy is constantly motivating me to achieve excellence through trusted teamwork. I come away with both a better understanding of how people might perceive my actions as well as how I could improve my skills. She helps me see my "blind spots" using candid, non-threatening communication.  Based on her perspectives, I am able to better manage my relationships while establishing clear, measurable goals for my staff.  Also, she helps me understand issues from different perspectives. The diversity of thought enables me to see the situation from a different point of view. Through 360 degree reviews, she challenges me in areas I need to address and guides me to move and grow beyond those issues. Her ability to ask insightful questions and get at the heart of problems allows me to grow quickly. She is always upbeat and willing to listen and guide me towards a more positive direction. I would highly recommend Stacy Jackson as a coach.
Grant Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
CEO, Plus Group
Over the last 24 months, Stacy has supported my personal growth and development along the lines of managing and developing my direct reports, teams, and impact in our larger organization. Through 360 feedback, reflection, and strategic development, I was able to scale my impact from leading a $80mm portfolio to $120mm portfolio, in less time, while being more effective as a leader. I always look forward to our sessions together and I feel better prepared for the next step as I level up in my career.
Jesse Walters
Jesse Walters
TheKey, Director of National Partnerships
Stacy was an invaluable partner as I launched my consulting business. Not only did her coaching clarify my direction, she also provided practical guidance during my company’s startup, which was an exciting yet uncharted venture.
Kirsten Goulde
Kirsten Goulde
K.Goulde & Associates
I have had the pleasure of working with Stacy in several different capacities. The insights she shares always seem to be spot on and I appreciate her perspective and partnership. She has become a valued member of my inner circle.
Joe Quirk
Joe Quirk
Owner/Broker, Cobblestone Realty
I have gained a great deal of confidence and knowledge from Stacy Jackson. This has been, legitimately, the best investment that any employer has ever made in me. I came into coaching with Stacy with the knowledge of what needed to be done and what changes needed to be made but no confidence or knowledge of how to carry out those changes. Stacy helped me break out of my timid managing style by providing tools and confidence to break the cycle of fear-based management by freeing my mind from my demands and not expectations. I am incredibly grateful for the information, knowledge, and tools provided to me by Stacy, so blessed to have been afforded this opportunity to be coached by the BEST!
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Erin Cowell
Office Manager, Surfside Urgent Care