I’ve been losing and gaining the same 10 lbs for the past 25 years. No, it’s true; I’m older than 25. Anyway, every January I’m losing 10 lbs. And, I do! Unfortunately, throughout the year, I find them again and by the time I’m revisiting January, I’m back to losing 10 lbs. Rinse, Repeat, 25 Years.

Well, I’m cashin’ in my chips – I’m stickin’ a fork in it – [Insert colloquial phrase…]

For me, one of the more critical lessons I learned in 2020 is:


I’m not saying I’m never going to be able to keep the lost weight off, I’m saying I’m through making that a GOAL, that once obtained, is then sacrifice to the Gods of UNintentional Effort – thus returning my investment.

It’s a poor use of my time, energy and money. This year the Gods of UNintentional Effort will have to remain unsatiated because I’m tapping out on goals, resolutions and declarations. We set them, achieve them, lose focus on maintaining them, and end up flogging ourselves at the end of the whole process.

Instead of spending the year gradually returning my investment, I want a return ON my investment. And I’m going to be intentional about earning that return every day.


I preach it with my leaders and clients in nearly every session like a broken record (wow, I am really nailing the overused phrases today).

“What action will you take next? Does that feel intentional to you? What would it look like if you played that scenario out? How does that fit with your overall vision and multi-year plan?” Sound familiar to some of you?

Instead of setting a goal, I’m setting an intention for 2021. A word that invokes a lighthouse for my direction.

My intention for 2021 is PURPOSE. As I take on new challenges and assess opportunities, only those efforts that align with my North Star of PURPOSE will score my investment.

Before I commit to a project, partnership, contract – Does it fit my PURPOSE? If the answer to that question isn’t YES, my response will be THANK YOU SO MUCH, NOT AT THIS TIME.

Your mission for 2021, should you choose to accept it, (I might as well finish off strong, right?) is to challenge yourself to become INTENTIONAL.


Pick a word that will be your North Star and align your investment accordingly.

  • Would you like to make your decisions with more CLARITY?
  • Is your mindset operating from a place of GRATITUDE?
  • Do you need to show up in your work and personal life with more PRESENCE?
  • Has 2020 affected your ability to recognize and feel JOY?
  • Is it time to make decisions that foster and improve your HEALTH?
  • Do your interactions with others personify TRUST?

When you set your intention, post-it and keep it in your focus everyday – the return will be worth your investment.

(January is Mindset Month (simply because I’m making it so.) Tune in each Friday in January to get your Mind(set) tight and right.)