This month we are focusing on creating the OUTCOMES we want in our lives by learning to be more cognizant of how we RESPOND to the EVENTS that occur. (Easier said than done sometimes, I hear ya.)

Often the responses we display are heavily influenced by the energy reserves, or lack thereof, that we have in our emotional bank at the time these events occur.

Allow me to ask the obvious…ever feel drained, exhausted, mentally depleted of capacity to deal with one more interruption, issue, or complaint?

Chances are your energy is being ZAPPPPED by drains you may or may not even be aware of.

There are 3 types of drains that zap our energy:

  1. PHYSICAL Drains – lack of sleep, tired or aching muscles, poor nutritional habits
  2. MENTAL Drains – incomplete tasks, lingering decisions left unmade, half-completed projects
  3. EMOTIONAL Drains – unresolved arguments, SHOULDS, worry, negative people

Some of these zappers we are well aware of and we recognize, but others have a tendency to linger in the back of our minds, creating fog and malaise, and quite literally zapping our energy bank. Thus, we’re ill-equipped to achieve the best possible outcomes for ourselves because our responses to any given event or situation lack clarity, focus and positive direction.

If you’re game for it, I’d like you to take a minute and download a super cool (in my humble clip art opinion) Zapper Identification Tool HERE and play along with writing down the items, issues, people, or challenges that are zapping your energy right now. I promise it won’t take long and seeing them on paper, as you give your mind a minute to process, might actually surprise you.

(Of course you can cheat by looking at the graphic below and using your own post-its to jot these down – it definitely won’t be as much fun though – and make sure to shred your notes in case the person whose name you just wrote comes walking over!)

How did it feel to list your energy zappers?
Did you notice any patterns?
Did anything surprise you?

Clarity comes from action and engagement and, Thought Partners, we are all about taking action!

What ONE action are you going to take today to ZAP a ZAPPER?

(“Beware the Ides of March” has nothing on us; this month our focus is creating the outcomes we want and ditching what we don’t. Join me!)

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If you’ve enjoyed these thoughts, Partners, share! And please let me know who might enjoy a Friday thought!