Several months ago I encouraged you to take a deeper look at the people in your neighborhood. Not just your literal neighborhood, but those around you with whom you may want to consider altering your relationships, so they serve you in a way that frees you from what might be holding you back from moving forward. If you want a refresher, or you weren’t a Thought Partner way-back-when, you can find it HERE.

Today we’re going to think about “your people” in a bit of a different light. Did you know that we spend the majority of our time with roughly less than 20 people? Think about that for a moment. Pandemic aside, of all the people who have come through our lives like portals of time, space and location, we really only spend the bulk of our time with a few of them. Therefore, it’s CRITICAL that the people you surround yourself with serve you in the BEST possible way. And vice versa. 

In keeping with our November theme of gratitude, I’d like to encourage you to take a minute and really think about your personal Walk of Fame.

  • Who are your stars?
  • Who gives you energy?
  • Who do you want to spend more time with?
  • Who fills your bucket?
  • And quite honestly, who does not?

It’s up to you to make sure you GIVE and RECEIVE the most out of the relationships you spend time cultivating. 

Today I challenge you to take a minute and click HERE, complete this cool activity, and make note of your Spark Team. Then ask yourself…

  • Is there a name in this group that surprises me?
  • Is there a name I’m surprised is missing?
  • Who do I need to find more time for?
  • How can I bring “MORE” OF THEM in to my life?
  • What is my PLAN for letting these folks know they are part of my Spark Team, that I value them, and that I’m grateful to be able to walk through the next portal alongside them?

Make someone on your Spark Team sparkle today. Let them know their value.