This month we’re focusing on breaking some of our more common bad habits and possibly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Last week we talked about the bad habit we have of giving advice and the week before we looked at the power we relinquish when we don’t own our own language.

This week I’m going to push myself out of my own comfort zone, get a bit personal, and hope that maybe some of you will resonate with the topic as well. 

Do you downplay your success?
Do you shrug off compliments? 
Do you diminish the praise people give you even though you deserve it?
Are you fearful that if you promote yourself or your accomplishments, people will think you’re obnoxious?
Do you negate your accomplishments by saying things like “it’s no big deal”, “you could do it too”, “I was just lucky”?


The bad habit of shirking away from speaking about your success, not wanting the light to shine on you, and feeling uncomfortable sharing pieces of yourself, that could possibly be interpreted as humble bragging, needs to be addressed.

Take stock and ask yourself, honestly, what are the answers to the above questions? 
I’m fairly confident you are answering “YAAAAAAAAAASSSSS”. (Maybe slightly less emphatically, or maybe not…)

Today I’m challenging you to:

  • sing your own praises to someone who will give you a high-five of support
  • notice how many times you discount your accomplishments
  • commit that you will accept opportunities to share your awesomeness with others

Today I’m taking on the challenge with you.

This interview (22 minutes long) I did with Paul Hitchcock, from Giant Jaxx Media, ran as a LinkedIn Live event. Normally, I would shy away from sharing this for all of the reasons above (and more!), yet since I’m asking you to walk the talk, I’m gonna roll the tape, on myself…

Disclaimer…I didn’t anticipate this being a VIDEO interview, yet this is what a full day of coaching with a 3-hour time difference looks like at the end of a day.

Paul looks fresh and ready to go; I look….well, less fresh and ready…