Last Christmas two of my MOST favorite people in the world gifted me this Page-A-Day desk calendar. Reading each day’s sentiment has become part of the daily breakfast routine in our house. We find the messages funny, inspirational, thought-provoking, and even actionable. I felt this one was actionable – for all of us.

None of us have gotten where we are today without someone else’s guidance, mentorship, and grace.

As we’re focusing on all types of choices during the month of July, I offer you this choice today:

Will you choose to take a moment of your time to send a text, email, or note of thanks to someone who has chosen to take their time to help you in the past?


Will you choose to let this moment pass?

This calendar is a gift that keeps on giving. Gifting someone your gratitude gives even more back to the giver. You can decide who the giver actually becomes once you’ve made your choice for the day.  

Good luck; choose wisely, I’ll be sending my text messages shortly!