When I work with clients to define and develop internal resources and personal access points, there are a few different activities we use. I thought I would share one of those activities and maybe you can develop and define your internal access points in a different way as well.

Many of us express default behaviors when we find ourselves in certain situations. Sometimes those default behaviors serve us, sometimes they do not. It is in those times that we need to be able to recognize, through Self-Awareness, what is happening at the moment, and then call upon another response, resource…or another ‘persona’ to respond for us.

In this modified version of the activity Creating Your Internal Board of Directors, I will ask you to consider the different internal ‘voices’ or ‘characters’ that influence your behaviors, identify and name them, and call upon them as a resource when needed in the future. 

When you identify each of your ‘characters’, you will realize they have unique personalities, that drive certain behaviors, and often show up quite naturally AND uninvited. They all have some value – there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ personalities on your Board of Directors, although some are more useful than others.

Let me give you a very personal example.

In June, I wrote about being an Overhelper. When I was made aware this was one of my default behaviors, I added “Super Stacy” to my Internal Board of Directors. Super Stacy tends to swoop in and save the day on occasions she feels requires her “help”. Unfortunately, Super Stacy is not needed half as much as she thinks. Therefore, when I get the feeling that Super Stacy is getting ready to don her cape, come to the rescue, and possibly get in the way, I politely recognize her, thank her for being a valued member of my Internal Board of Directors, and tell her to hang her cape back up and have a seat at the table. It’s time for me to call upon “Patient Patty” as she’s probably the Board Member I need in that instance to tame my default behavior and tap my internal resources.

Do you know your default behaviors?

What team members sit on your Internal Board of Directors?

What team members do you need to sit on your Internal Board of Directors?

If you don’t know if you have a Fix-it-Frank or a Negative Nelly jumping up from your table, maybe it’s time to find out.

If this sounds like an activity you think you need, want, or should do, send me a note and we’ll chat.

It’s a lot of fun!