Happy November, Thought Partners!

This month we’re focusing on the courage to be fearless. We’ll examine behaviors that, when put into action, assist us with the courage to be fearless, help us take the next step in our lives and leadership, and encourage others to do the same.

Allow me to start us off!

I’ve been told I need to become more fearlessly self-promoting, more marketing-focused, and more willing to tout my “awesome training sessions” (that last bit was a direct quote from a workshop participant 🤭). 

And not discounting that advice, because I fear it is probably spot on, taking on those roles is not easy for me and therefore I shy away from them.

So in the interest of garnering the courage to be fearless and to continue to secure dates on my 2023 calendar (because we’re already doing that!!!) I will fearlessly share with you some of the “awesome” training and leadership sessions I’ve been fortunate to conduct this year and those that I am currently planning for 2023. 

  • Tapping into Emotional Intelligence – Leadership’s #1 Most Desired Skill
  • Building and Maintaining Effective Teams
  • Keys to Conducting Challenging Conversations
  • Leading With Your Values
  • The Lens of Leadership – The Next Gen of Leadership
  • The Lens of Leadership – Less Authenticity, More Intentionality
  • Outsmart Your Brain and Perform At Your Best
  • More Productive Conversations – Anywhere, with Anyone
  • Relationship Rescue – Leaders Learning to Review, Repair, and Reprise
  • Increasing Employee Engagement Through Connection and Coaching
  • Intentional Leadership 101

If these workshops and training sessions sound intriguing to you and you think one would benefit your organization, reach out and let’s discuss your thoughts!

If you are planning (or want to plan) a Kickoff Meeting, Quarterly Meeting, Leadership Retreat, Conference, etc…let’s chat.

Okay, that was a little scary to do, but I’m still typing, so it didn’t kill me.

And if you’re looking for additional ideas to activate belonging at work, check out my latest contribution posted on SHRM: 15 Key Elements Required to Activate Belonging at Work.

What do you need to drum up the courage to do today?
I know there’s something. What is the next step you can do?
Take my lead. Do it today.