Many of us in the United States will be celebrating the 4th of July next Tuesday. A national holiday celebrating the passage of the Declaration of Independence. The day is marked by the closures of corporate offices and federal agencies, picnics and parties, and possibly even a second day off from work that week (Monday may find itself turning into “Optional Monday”).

Therefore, in light of today ushering in somewhat of a holiday weekend for a few of you, I thought I would make today’s Thought Partner Friday light and funny.

If you are in Human Resources, or if you’ve ever been tasked with completing a performance evaluation for a less-than-stellar contributor, you will find these particularly humorous. Consider yourself ahead of the curve having NEVER written or received any of these comments! 

Thank you to a very good friend of mine who forwarded these to me, after having attended a workshop on communication, with the simple note “For TPF!”

Quotes From Actual Performance Evaluations

  • Their staff would follow them anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity
  • They would be out of their depth in a parking lot puddle
  • They have delusions of adequacy 
  • This employee should go far – and the sooner the better
  • They set low personal standards and consistently fail to achieve them
  • If only these categories were Algebraic, the use of negative numbers would be helpful

I hope these statements gave you a bit of a chuckle as you head into your weekend.

I know for a FACT that NONE of you in the Thought Partner community would ever write or warrant comments like these. So give yourselves kudos; you’re doing a great job and you’re using your powers for good! 

Have a great Friday (or Saturday for some of you) and Happy 4th of July, America!