In continuing this month’s theme of working with teams, where we previously examined how high-performing teams behave and the personal accountability necessary to be part of an effective team, today we are going to discuss how you can tap into your existing team to help integrate your newly hired teammates.

Often when we hire a new co-worker to join our team, we do so with the help of Human Resources, a hiring manager, or an executive recruiter, depending on the level and expertise we need. All of these are great resources to tap into; however, our existing team members are key stakeholders to tap into as well and sometimes we fail to maximize the contributions current teams can play in the selection and integration process. 

Surveying our teams in a focused way can help identify the strengths and challenges we would ultimately like this new individual to help us address.

Why not ask these questions before you hire and integrate a new member into your team?

Hey Team….

  • What do we do well right now?
  • What did we do to get good at that?
  • What would we like to be better at?
  • What do we like about our team right now?
  • What would make our team even better?

These questions reveal the health and the culture of your team. Before you recruit, hire, or onboard any new edition to your team, clarity on the above is a must. 

Identifying and recognizing what is going well, why it’s going well, and what you need help with is critical to understanding if you’re searching for what you really NEED and not always want you think you WANT as part of your team. 

Success and culture can be a little like “which came first, the chicken or the egg”. Is your team successful because you’ve built a great culture or does your great culture dictate the success you have as a team?

I don’t know that it matters either way, but you might want to ask your teams these questions so you can ensure the folks you bring on share a passion for both and a desire to contribute in the way you need and want.