“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

As we look to bring 2023 to a close shortly, our minds begin taking inventory of accomplishments, we’ve achieved throughout the year, as well as items that now fall into the “didn’t get to that one this year” column. Some of those items on your list may not be critical, and therefore I would urge you to consider how critical or important they were in the first place. Others, you might notice, would have really moved the needle had they been achieved.

Either way, when setting yourself up for success in 2024, predicting, or rather creating the future you want, can help you achieve the success you desire.

If your psychic powers aren’t exactly sharpened to point, you might find predicting the future a bit of a challenge. Never fear, I’ve got a quick exercise to help you create the future.

Grab a Post-it and a pen – let’s go!  

1. Create two columns on your Post-it (or a sheet of paper). 

2. In the left column, list things you would love to change about your organization, team, job, family dynamics, etc…(yours to decide)

3. In the right column, list what a new leader (or an outside observer, friend, consultant, etc…) might do to produce those changes you listed on the left.

4. Choose one small thing you can do today to change the future. One small thing. What would the new leader or outside observer do? Do it.

Tomorrow will be the same as today if you do nothing.
For tomorrow to be different, you need to do something different today.

For 2024 to be different, maybe you have to do something you didn’t in 2023.