Turning the page on 2023 can mean many different things for each of us. Some of us had an incredible year. Some of us had an incredibly hard year. Some of us had both. In fact, I’ll take some liberties (given the current state of our world) and make the assumption that most of us had both.

The amazing aspect of life is that we have the opportunity to congratulate ourselves on having made it through all of it – the good, the not-so-good, the challenging, the amazing, and the unexpected. 

Last year I remember writing that if you were reading my message, you had officially survived 100% of your rough days to date. Well, if you’re still hanging out with me here, reading this year’s closeout message, I guess it still holds true. Congratulations on nailing another year! 

You’ve accomplished a lot.
You’ve taken on new challenges.
You’ve grown closer to special people and you’ve created deeper relationships.
You’ve read more books (or at least watched more movies that were originally books).
You’ve attached new titles to your name (whether job-related or personal).
You might have even entered (or exited) a new decade of life – it’s all in how you look at that, right?

As you brace yourself for what is typically a hectic time of year, I want you to celebrate yourself and those around you for having made an impact on this planet we call home.

Your smile, your words, and your presence is a GIFT to others. It’s certainly a gift to me to have you as a part of my Thought Partner Network; I’m grateful you allow me to share your inbox each week. 

These next two weeks are sure to be chocked full of all the STUFF. And in the midst of that, my wish for you is that you gift yourself time, space, and grace because you deserve it.

See you on January 5, 2024, to begin a new year (where I’ll be entering my own new decade)!