Thirty years ago turning 50 felt like it would be 100 years away. 

Today, it feels like those 30 years have dissipated into thin air.

Like Sally O’Malley, today, I’m 50! FIFTY YEARS OLD!

Yet unlike Sally O’Malley, I have no desire to join the Chicago Police Academy. I do however have a desire to be exactly who I am and even more, to be exactly the person I WANT to be. 

As I mentioned in last week’s Thought Partner Friday, we’re going to spend January reflecting on our values, who we are, who we want to be, and how much of those values and characteristics we want to share with those we spend the majority of our waking hours with, the folks with whom we work.

A friend of mine has a great phrase: “One Life” and when she says it, it puts into perspective that we are only here for a short amount of time and it’s up to us to make the most of it. 

To create conversation, become a little more vulnerable, and hopefully inspire you to do the same, for my 50th birthday, I would like to share a recent episode of The Power Within You Podcast in which I had the pleasure of speaking with the incredible Mamta Gera about Understanding Neurodiversity Through Parenthood – Asperger’s Edition.

The podcast is 27 minutes in length and it is a little more personal than it is professional, yet these days, it seems like the more skilled we are at blending the two, the more successful we are in both. 

Happy Friday, Thought Partners. Today, do something a little scary.
Send me a note; let me know how it goes! One life.