Ah, the dreaded performance reviews.

When at their worst and most ineffectually done, they happen once a year, the feedback is based on recent recollections only, and neither the reviewer nor the reviewed is engaged in the validity of the process and very few actionable learnings are provided. BOO for ineffective performance reviews!

But what if you took control of the performance review process YOURself: you did it daily, your feedback was based on the day’s events and your own learnings, and you created actionable items to put into practice immediately? YAY for effective daily performance reviews!

Riddle me this readers…how many of you review your performance at night? I would venture to say not too many. Furthermore, those who do take inventory of their day probably find themselves “shoulding” all over their thoughts. (More on “shoulding” on ourselves next week…come back then!)

Since “performance review” has such a wah-wah-wah-wah” teacher from Charlie Brown connotation to it, let’s, just for fun, call them NIGHTLINE REVIEWS and CHORUSLINE REVIEWS. Go with me here.

I’m challenging you for one week.

Each night for the next seven nights, I want you to conduct a NIGHTLINE REVIEW of yourself. You can do this while you’re making dinner, while you’re exercising, watching mindless TV, or drifting off to snoozeville. Doesn’t matter.

Take 10-20 minutes to reflect on your day and ask yourself the following 6 questions:

1. Where could I have been more focused or on point today?

2. What could I have done differently?

3. What will I do tomorrow in a more productive and intentional way?

BOOM – NIGHTLINE REVIEW done. Immediate feedback and action plan set. 1% better tomorrow.

Then conduct the same process with your curtain call or CHORUSLINE REVIEW and ask:

1. What did I do today that brought me or someone else joy, happiness or made life a little lighter?

2. What opportunities did I take to bring enjoyment or fun into my day or someone else’s?

3. What will I do tomorrow to share more empathy, patience and laughter? (Walking around with flailing jazz hands is a nice option; always brings the house down.)

BOOM – CHORUSLINE REVIEW done. Pleasure plan set. 1% more appreciative tomorrow.

Resilience, Joy, and Hope springs eternal in April! Join me each week as we spring into Springtime!

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