As we round off this month’s discussions of leadership strength, fitness and service, I challenge you to end the month by stepping step on the scale.

Did you just give me the bulldog side eye?
It’s understandable if you did; no matter how fit you are, the scale is daunting. 

But the scale we’re talking about today is the Scale of Satisfaction and it’s much less painful (or maybe not) a measurement tool than most.

We talk a lot about taking stock of ourselves, our actions and behaviors, and how we show up for others. Today we’re going to weigh how we show up for ourselves. 

  • If you feel a dissatisfaction in your life but you haven’t quite been able to pinpoint where that feeling is coming from; this activity is for you. 
  • If you feel strong in your career but you think your relationships could use some attention, and you’re just not clear; this activity is for you.
  • If you feel like you want to achieve your goals faster, show more of your authentic self, or create more balance in your life; this activity is for you. 

Click here to step on the SCALE OF SATISFACTION and weigh yourself.

Please contact me and share your results; I’m excited to hear what you discover!

And if you don’t like what the numbers tell you, let’s work together to recalibrate the scale.