Happy Fri-YAY, Thought Partners! 

Here’s a sobering thought…2021 is roughly half over! How is that possible? Does anyone else think this year has flown by or are you a member of the “how long until we get to the holidays?” camp?

If you have been a Thought Partner since the beginning of the year, you might remember that I challenged you to set an intention, a word that would define and describe your focus for 2021. If you missed that TPF, or you just want a refresher, you can find it here.

Many of you responded with your word and I was inspired by the hope, positivity and motivation each conveyed. 

If you’re scratching your head trying to remember your word or you’re flogging yourself for having forgotten it, despite having the best of intentions to keep it front and center, don’t bother. Today is not about shaming or shoulding, today is about recalibrating for the second half!

Today is your chance to take stock of the first half of the year. Have you made inroads with your intention? How’s it going thus far?

  • Are you making decisions with more CLARITY?
  • Are you practicing more GRATITUDE?
  • Are you experiencing more PRESENCE in your relationships?
  • Are you experiencing more JOY in your life?
  • Are your actions aligned with your PURPOSE? (That one was mine, btw.)

If your answer is “I’m on track and making great progress; nailing it daily!”, good for you, Rockstar!!

If your answer is “I was really doing well January-March and then….woop, head turn…something new and shiny!!”, I’ll give you a not too bad; time to get back on track!

If your answer is: “It’s not going; I’m not doing it all!”, don’t fret. Today is the first day of the (second half) of the year! And it’s a perfect day to start.

How do you want to challenge yourself to finish the year?
Will you be intentional about setting a focus for your actions and behaviors?

Imagine the clarity, gratitude, presence, joy, focus and purpose you will realize by (re)setting your intention. Six months of intention awaits!

Life is about progress, not perfection. We have a tendency to forget that.