You might have heard the following before:

The unsuccessful have REASONS. The successful have RESULTS.
You can’t have BOTH.

Try these REASONS on for size:

  • I can’t move forward on this project because I’m waiting to hear back from Karen (no offense to the Karens out there; they’ve really been getting a bad rap lately)
  • I haven’t been able to lose weight because I don’t have time to exercise
  • I’m disconnected to my family because my work obligations are overwhelming
  • I haven’t been able to hire the right candidate because no one has replied to the job posting

Those may all be valid REASONS in explaining a lack of RESULTS. 
However, you know what else those reasons are? EXCUSES.

It’s July so we’re comin’ in hot this Friday. Here’s the bottom line.


You can’t have REASONS/EXCUSES and at the same time manifest RESULTS/ACTION. It doesn’t work that way. If you want RESULTS, you have to ditch the REASONS.

So how can we ditch reasons and get RESULTS? Thanks for asking such an insightful question!

Wouldn’t you know, just for you, I have a quick 4-STEP process to follow! 


  • Think of one area/result in your professional or personal life that you would like to change/address/improve/achieve. Write it down. 


  • Think of all the reasons/excuses that have been holding you back. Write them down (next to or below the result you listed above).


  • Think of the role you’re playing in causing this situation you want/need changed. Write it down (remember RADICAL HONESTY from last week?)


  • NOW, think about what you’re going to DO to change the situation. Write it down. And take ONE ACTION on it today. What is that ACTION going to be?

You can’t have REASONS and get RESULTS.
You can’t have EXCUSES and still take ACTION.

Do you want to be a REASONS person or a RESULTS person?