Everyone successful fails. 

Success follows failure, launching a flop of a program, solving the equation incorrectly, going back to the drawing board with your team after being shut down by leadership.

Success is the reward that greets us after we’ve traversed the rocky terrain of setbacks, snags, stumbles and failures.
We inherently know this to be true, yet we create every opportunity to circumvent failure at each turn. Why? Because…


Sure no one wants to fail for failure’s sake and many failures can be quite costly until we fix them. But if we fail FASTER, we get to success FASTER as well. 

Often we paralyze ourselves in our decision making because we “want to make the right choice” and likewise “we don’t want to make the wrong one”. We agonize over minutia, fonts and wordsmith our emails, presentations and proposals. We waste time on our way to failing – or rather on our way to failing to succeed. 

I’m not advocating for the production of sloppy work or promoting an inattention to detail; however, in a shameless rip-off of an iconic brand, which has failed numerous times on its way to success, I’m advocating sometimes we need to 


Just get it out in to the world – the product, the service, the blog, the podcast
Just call the meeting – even if all of your ideas aren’t flushed out yet
Just send the proposal you’ve been working on for two weeks – it’s ready
Just make the decision on the candidate before your competitor does
Just take the risk to ask for the compensation you want
Just make the call to your ideal prospect and client
Just make the suggestion that you know will change a process for the better
Just create a culture that embraces fast failure 

Just fail. You’ll get to the next stepping stone of success faster. JUST SHIP IT.

And when you find yourself reviewing something “one last time” JUST SHIP IT.