Poof! Here we are again!

The holiday season has concluded, the slowest week of the year (for some) is over, and we have just ushered in another new year. Depending on your particular industry, many of you may be marking this time as the third year of living and working among all things COVID.

Reflecting on the beginning of 2021, I had high hopes for that upcoming year. Many of those came to fruition, others did not. I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment. 

Where typically a new year welcomes the preverbal setting of goals, resolutions, and intentions (check out 2021’s awesome first post about intentions and the 10 lbs. that I’ll be, yet again, losing this year), many of us now find ourselves drained and buckling under the pressures of sustained levels of COVID COURAGE.

Many of you are bouncing into 2022 on the heels of a record-breaking, business-busting, blowing-it-out-of-the-water financial year. Congrats to you!

And many of you are not.

Without appearing tone deaf or flippant…. I say: “No matter!” 

This TPF is for all of us…regardless of whether your 2022 tail is coiled like Tigger or your slumping forth into this new year like Eeyore. 

Without setting goals, resolutions, strategic plans, word intentions, targets, smoke signals, star maps, yadda, yadda, yadda (not that there’s anything wrong with that, Seinfelders) let’s instead challenge ourselves this year to picture what success at the end of it will look like.

Take 5 minutes, right now, and find a post-it note, notebook, notes section in your phone, CVS receipt (more than enough room there) and dump your wish list for 2022 – What would a great year look like to YOU? 

Don’t worry about who’s going to see this.
Don’t worry about writing things that scare you.
Don’t worry about having too many personal items, work items, items that exclude your family, items that only include your family….

Don’t sensor yourself. Don’t self-select and judge. You’ll whittle down later.

Stop. Look at your list.

Circle the 3 items, that if you accomplished them THIS YEAR, you would truly call 2022 a success. (You may need more time for this; that’s great!)

Where are you visually going to keep these so you see them daily?

How are you scheduling time to make these your priority?

Fast Forward…
It’s December 31, 2022, what does success look like?

How great to be able to say “it really IS what it looks like.”