Needing some space to vent, as we occasionally do, this week I had the pleasure of providing such space to a client, who felt nothing less than compelled, to perform an autopsy on the phrase “The New Normal”. (I get it; it’s got to be one of the most annoyingly overused phrases to emerge over the past two years.)

After a few moments of such dissection however, we were able to turn the corner and find our way forward and make progress on a much more significant issue. 

Yet that discussion left me thinking about the phrases we often use in our conversations and their purpose. Enter the Google rabbit hole. 

If you need a fun brain break, google “Most Annoying Phrases of 2021”. Otherwise, I’ll just share a few of my findings here before getting to this Friday’s Thought. 

I simply can not be alone in wanting to guffaw at overplayed phrases like:

  • The New Normal
  • Let’s circle back
  • It is what it is
  • In these uncertain times
  • Now more than ever (ooops, guilty!)
  • Finding your passion  

Screech…my clicking fingers came to a halt on this last one.

Seems like everyone has recently decided to look for their passion. Where’s my passion? What’s my passion? I need/want/have to find my passion! 

Whew, okay, sorry about that; we’re back….here’s the reframe today…

I know many of us are looking for greater meaning, more connectedness, deeper relationships with our work and in our lives, but maybe it’s not passion some of us are looking for, maybe it’s PURPOSE. 

Today I’m going to give you a simple but powerful exercise to clarify, magnify and possibly even justify your life purpose.

Click here, have fun and email me your statement. I’ve given you mine 😉.