Earlier this month, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), reported that 4.5 Million people in the United States quit their jobs in November 2021, slightly up from the 4.2 Million who did the same in October.

For the past year, we’ve been talking about The Great Resignation, and at this point, The Great Resignation (Part Deux, if you will). There’s much encouragement around positive employer demand, increased job openings, higher wages, signing bonuses, flexible schedules etc…and yet, there continues to be a “wake-up” call for many folks and these positive efforts don’t seem to be making a dent in the trend.

Why are people continuing to leave the workforce and their employers in droves?

Engagement data tells us that people want:

  • Connection to work that has a purpose
  • Personal and professional growth opportunities
  • Expansion and promotion opportunities
  • Connection to the mission of their work, their employer, the community they serve, and the colleagues they work with

Without these, it just isn’t worth hanging around. 

Are you entertaining these same ideas? Are you questioning if it’s time for you to make a change? Are you wondering how you can create these opportunities in your current situation?

Or are you just wondering how you can personally grow yourself further and faster this year, regardless of your work environment?

I’ve got ONE word this Friday if you happen to be pondering any of this:


It’s fairly safe to say you can’t predict what the next year will hold for you.

However, if you continually ask yourself the question “WHAT DO I WANT?”, you’ll find clarity in the picture, even if you don’t see right now. (Notice I said continually.)

When we fail to ask that question and we don’t sit still long enough to allow ourselves to answer it, we typically do so out of FEAR. It’s much easier to cling to the known, the secure, the safe; and we do so out of FEAR. Having the courage to release our grip on what we’re afraid to lose, gives us the opportunity to go for what we really want, to strive, and to thrive.

Releasing the grip of fear, taking that one next step forward, and becoming courageous is how you grow further and faster in any area of your life.

Whether you’re joining the Great Resigners (and I’m not advocating for that either way) or you just want more out of this year, find the doorways of COURAGE around you and take one step through. 

And for those of you who have recently done so, reach back and close the door behind you; you’re too courageous to go back now!