For many of us with school-aged kids, August is either the month they are heading back to the classroom (yay, post-pandemic physical schooling!) or thinking about heading back in September. 

For adults, it’s a good time to focus on our fundamentals as well.
This week let’s take it back “old skool” and evaluate our own skills. 

All great leaders embody the ABCs.

Want to be a great leader?

Practice your ABCs.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in the following categories:

ACCOUNTABILITY: The accountability we wish to see in others starts with ourselves. We must first be accountable TO ourselves for our OWN behaviors. Believe it, say it, mean it, act it. How well do you do this? 

BELIEF: When we believe we can make a difference – that change IS possible – then our actions will follow. But if we don’t believe, we won’t achieve. Do you truly believe you can make a difference with what you’re doing?

CAPABILITY: This skill is painted with a broad brush: listening, connecting, inspiring, giving and receiving honest feedback, expanding networks, exploring curiously with others, and constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow. How capable are you with regard to the above list?

Where are the opportunities to hold yourself accountable for the beliefs you hold and the actions you take in expanding your capabilities?

Based on the ratings you issued, is now a good time to focus on the
ABCs of Leadership Fundamentals? If so, it’s BACK to SCHOOL for us too!