When I coach leaders, some commonalities, regardless of position or industry typically surface. Our conversations are sometimes a little heavy, often quite humorous, and always insightful, at least for me, and hopefully for them as well. Another commonality we often hit upon is the distinction between being a MANAGER (or leading new managers) and being a LEADER (or transitioning from a manager to a leader). 

Since August is Back to Fundamentals month, this TPF is about checking your operating system for optimal performance. Are you optimally performing as a MANAGER or as a LEADER?

If you’re unsure, or if you think you might be blurring the lines for your role, let’s evaluate a few key distinctions.

Leaders lead. Managers manage.

Leaders figure out the WHAT, WHERE, and WHY.
Managers figure out the HOW and BY WHEN.

Leaders figure out the right things to do.
Managers do those things right.

Here are a few more…

 Leaders: Managers:
 Concerned with People Concerned with Process
 Lead People Manage Work
 Keep their eyes on the horizon Keep their eyes on the bottom line
 Champion a vision Drive goals
 Sell people on ideas and BHAGs Tell people what to do 
 Take risks Minimize those risks
 Challenge the status quo Maintain the status quo
 Think long term Think short term
 Chart new roads Follow a map
 Vote with their HEART Vote with their HEAD

Managers in leadership roles stall and stagnate the progress of an organization.

Leaders in management roles are an inappropriate use of your most valuable human capital resource.

Are you operating as a MANAGER or as a LEADER?
Are your LEADERS operating as MANAGERS?

What needs to happen to take your growth (and that of your team) to the next level?

Unsure? Call me.