You are the CEO.
Did you know that?


Of course, while some of you may literally be the Chief Executive Officer of your company, your non-profit organization, or your household, all of us are our own Chief Emotions Officer.

Whether you lead a company, division, team, classroom (God bless you), or home, you are responsible for stoking the flames of engagement. You are responsible for stimulating the emotional engagement of the people around you. 

Because emotions are contagious. 

As NFL Hall of Famer, Derrick Brooks, asks “If attitudes are contagious, is your attitude worth catching?” 

How would you answer that question right now?
Is your attitude worth catching?

Although it isn’t fair to say that each one of us is responsible for the emotions of everyone on our team or everyone in our sphere of influence, it is fair to say that each one of us is responsible for understanding our own emotions and managing them appropriately so we bring the best TO others not drain the best FROM others.

This summer I had the pleasure of conducting a course on Emotional Intelligence with several groups of intelligent, insightful, and generous global leaders.

We discussed strategies for developing Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. We examined how making a few tweaks here and there to our mindset creates impactful change for ourselves and our teams. 

If you are interested in examining your own level of Self-Awareness, take a quick read and spend some time reflecting on the questions included. 

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