Annnnnnnnnnnnnd in this corner, weighing in at 351,000,000 google search results is the highly publicized, but certainly not novel, workplace phenomenon Quiet Quitting

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd in this corner, weighing in at a staggering 2,780,000,000 mentions and the undisputed champion of unresolved workplace conversations is (the ever-present debate on the merits and perils of) the Four-day Workweek

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Since we’re focusing on the players on our team this month, I thought I would throw out one of the more popular topics that, when working with groups and teams, seems to surface now more than in prior years.

Is experimenting with a four-day workweek a path for your organization to explore? Some say yes; some say no.

The law firm of Blythe Grace recently surveyed a number of thought leaders and, similar to the conversations you might be having in your organizations, punches flew and opinions were in full swing. 

If this is a conversation you are having with your teams, or even with yourself as you continue to craft your vision of your work schedule, hopefully, you will find value in these opinions. 

I’m partial to the opinion that advocates for higher productivity while spending more time on the beach….definitely check that one out.

Click here and enjoy the read.

Send me an email and tell me which side of the ring you land on in this debate. 

*No coaches, consultants, or thought leaders were injured in the writing of this Thought Partner.