One of the benefits of being a certified Hogan Development Assessment practitioner is not only delivering their research-based talent development assessments but also having access to their extensive resources and research network.

Recently, Hogan shared a Gallup survey that noted employee disengagement has cost the global community $7.8 trillion in lost productivity; a staggering number indeed.

As hybrid workforces continue to be the current and likely future of work, a strategy for building and maintaining a high-functioning remote team is vital. After all, we know engaged employees are more committed to each other and the organization, reach higher levels of productivity and show enjoyment and enthusiasm about their work. Disengaged employees, on the other hand, are measurably less positive, loyal, creative, and hardworking than engaged workers. Therefore, planning engaging team-building activities and virtual talent development is vital.

Yet for all the positives virtual team-building creates, being the PERSON responsible for researching and creating these virtual connection opportunities can be daunting and even carry a bit of pressure.

So, voíla! Check these out! (Thanks, Hogan)

5 FUN Virtual Team-Building Activities to Try with Your Team:

1. Virtual Entertainment

  • Host a virtual movie event or a watch party using nearly any streaming service or a third-party option like Scener.
  • If your team is musical (or even if not), try virtual karaoke with an emcee from Kabloom!
  • Take a remote tour of India, Spain, France, or other global destinations with an organization like Woyago.

2. Virtual Dining

  • Meeting with virtual teams for lunch is nearly as easy as setting a recurring meeting, according to this guide to hosting virtual lunch.
  • For a remote happy hour, schedule a guided wine tasting or a beer and cheese tasting box through a company like Unboxed Experiences.

3. Virtual Games

  • Play a remote game like trivia or a scavenger hunt using a platform like Weve.
  • Themed escape rooms, such as those offered by Escapely, are filled with puzzles and clues that encourage team collaboration.
  • Themed murder mysteries from My Mystery Party and others will allow team members to spend time together playing hilarious roles.

4. Virtual Classes

  • Take an instructor-led mixology or cooking course with an organization like Rockoly.
  • Exercise your artistic side with a team painting event through Painting to Gogh.
  • Level up your remote communication game with virtual improv training through TeamBonding.

5. Virtual Team Development

  • Data-driven team development uncovers how individual personalities affect team performance and team dynamics.
  • Development helps team members contextualize themselves within the team and understand how they uniquely contribute to the team’s needs.
  • Team development sessions can help people learn about how they contribute to the team with their unique personality strengths.

If you’re curious about the Hogan Development Assessment and want to learn how you can use it to develop your leaders and teams, let’s chat