Where do resolutions come from? (I mean, really COME from?)

Have you ever thought about it?

If you take a minute to ponder, you might come to the conclusion that resolutions often come from places of deficiency and feelings of inadequacy.
…”I’m not enough: I should be thinner, more resilient, have more boundaries, spend less money, eat healthier… Therefore, in the new year, I’m going to….”

Even typing and reading those words promotes a mindset of weakness and judgment that, quite frankly, no one needs occupying their mental real estate. 

Let’s start 2023 differently. 
Let’s start with a mindset of advantage and strength. 

We all have strengths that make us uniquely incredible humans. Whether we’re funny, artistic, patient, persistent, organized, humble, generous, expressive, neurodiverse, honest, relatable, analytical, observant, etc… to operate with our strengths in mind, gives us an advantage, a head start, and sets us up for success, with no starting block of deficiency to load into.

I’m choosing to start 2023 with one of my strengths: Relational.

According to my ClftonStrengths Profile (if you’ve never done one, contact me and let’s do it!), one of my paramount strengths is that I am a Relator. Relators find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends and partners to achieve a goal. They build partnerships and friendships one by one through quality interactions.

I guess it’s a good thing that I do what I do; I think I’ll keep doing it in 2023. 

The question for me is, what will I do to capitalize on this strength to get a clean start out of the blocks in 2023? 

The question for you is, what is the strength you will capitalize on to do the same?

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with! We start now.