Each of us has our varying “Keys to Success”. Things we’ve done, actions we’ve taken, and decisions we’ve made that have resulted in success we’ve achieved. 

Some of our success can be attributed to being motivated and eager to achieve a goal, finish a project, get into a certain graduate program, etc. 

Yet sometimes the doors to success take longer to open than our level of motivation can sustain.

When pure motivation dissipates, as it does, will you have the real key to success hanging on your keyring? 

The key to success is DISCIPLINE

Motivation comes and goes.

Discipline and consistent practice and process are the keys to moving forward when motivation leaves you. 

For the past two years, I have made it a practice and process to write one Thought Partner Friday every Monday. The time is blocked on my calendar. Many times I’ve had to move the block from Monday morning to Monday night. Sometimes I’ve had to write two at once because I knew I was traveling the following week or something else was happening and I would not be able to complete the task. 

If you’ve ever written on a consistent basis, you know it’s HARD. Many times you have nothing to say, words escape you, you don’t feel like doing it, you wonder if anyone is even going to read it, and you would rather clean the office or do anything else you can possibly think of. But the discipline of doing it, the practice, and the process of taking action, when motivation is nowhere to be seen, produces success. (Much like the gym for that matter…)

Okay, so not all things written are brilliant. But all things written came from the discipline of doing.

Motivation is a great key to have on your keychain, but discipline is often the key you’ll need to reach for the most.

What is the practice or process the key of discipline will help you unlock?