I love what I do. 
I love the people I work with.
I love the conversations I am privileged to have.
Aaaaannndd…sometimes I feel like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day.

I’m having the same conversation, repeatedly, with multiple people, sometimes I’m even wearing the same pair of eyeglasses (but most of the time probably not 🤓). 

What I am learning, as I reflect on these conversations, is that no matter the industry, level of leadership you have within the organization, or even the country on the globe you work in, the challenge to combat overwhelm, while increasing productivity is felt across the board.

So much going on; so much to do; so many expectations to produce and perform.
Sound right?
Sounds like a recipe for disaster and burnout.

Below are 4 ways to reduce overwhelm and increase your productivity.

1. Give People Good Work – Delegation is a lovely gift. Refresh yourself on how to delegate in the clearest possible way by reading this oldie but goodie: I Want to Delegate, I REALLY, really, do…  

2. Make People Uncomfortable – We need to push our teams and leaders toward their next-level jobs, tasks, and projects. They may not feel ready for them, and you may not be ready to give those up (see #1 above) but providing these opportunities might be easier for you after reading: STOP! [Opportunity] Thief!

3. Agree to Disagree – If we can’t agree and move forward we go nowhere. If we disagree and move forward we can get somewhere. Maybe that somewhere isn’t exactly the destination, but the sheer act of forward movement puts us into action. And action creates emotion. And we can make both work for us. Learn how to put yourself in motion by reading: Being Productive When you Disagree.

4. Accept Progress over Perfection – This one can be a tough mental high jump for many of us, especially when we set the bar at Level Perfect, which we inherently know is an unattainable height. If we set the bar at Level Great, imagine the productivity we could achieve and the work we could put into the world. Good work. Great work. Remind yourself how to move forward with: Just Ship It

Treat yourself to some of these classic Thought Partners. 

The trick is to commit to sticking to the ones that work for you.
They will work if you work them! 

Which ones are you going to try?