In last week’s Thought Partner Friday, we talked about September being the new January and I mentioned that this week and next, I would offer you two opportunities to consider as you (re)started the year. Here’s the first…

As you think about (re)starting fresh, have you ever asked yourself some of the following questions:

Are there other people who think the way I do?
Is there a reason why I process information in the way I do?
What are my default behaviors and how do I recognize them?
What is my reputation?
How do I present myself when I’m under stress? Differently than when I’m not?
What do I want people to say about me when I’m not in the room?
What makes me take risks when others appear to act more conservatively?
What motivates me?
What are strengths I have that I do not recognize?
What are things I think about myself that aren’t necessarily even true?
What do my colleagues actually think of me? How can I learn what they need?
How can I communicate with people so they hear me?
How can people communicate with me so I can respond differently?
What are the patterns of my behaviors?
How can I predict my performance in a certain role?
How can I communicate for success?
What do I need to work on so I get a different result than what I’m getting?

….it might be time for you to learn some of the answers. 

Maybe it’s time to have a little fun and take a profile assessment – for yourself or your team.

I love conducting assessments. The conversations that follow are engaging and eye-opening. It’s gratifying to observe my Thought Partners, as they process information and register epiphanies, right in front of me, literally. It’s one of the best parts of my job and for that, I am grateful to Zoom….

Assessments are fun to take, interesting to read, and even more fascinating to discuss and examine. 

The image above depicts a few of the assessments I often conduct with clients and here are a handful of others:

  • DiSC
  • Hogan Development Survey 
  • Leadership Effectiveness 360
  • Center for Creative Leadership 360
  • EIQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Values in Action Character Survey
  • CliftonStrengths
  • Customized Employee Engagement Culture Surveys

Contact me today if you would like to explore one for yourself or your team!