In the last two Thought Partner Fridays, we talked about the idea of September being the new January and how you might consider (re)starting the year with a personal or team assessment.

This Friday I’m going to hit you with the harsh reality that September is almost over and we have 3 months left in 2023! (Cue your Macaulay Culkin Home Alone face)!

Last November I wrote a Thought Partner Friday focused on booking workshops and trainings for your team’s 2023 calendar. I realized, as my own calendar was already crowding, that November was probably too late for me to have sent that! 

In an attempt to learn from the past, I had set a goal to send this reminder again in “September 2023″….the positive news is that it is still technically September, so whew…in by the deadline. (This is what giving yourself a little grace looks like for those of you who don’t grant it to yourself often enough.)

So folks, as you are calendaring your professional development for 2024, think about how your teams would benefit from:

  • Tapping into Emotional Intelligence – Leadership’s #1 Most Desired Skill
  • Building and Maintaining Successful Relationships
  • Conducting Challenging Conversations
  • Leading With Your Values
  • Communicating with Intention
  • Leading with Less Authenticity and More Intentionality
  • Outsmarting Your Brain
  • Having more Productive Conversations – Anywhere, with Anyone
  • Increasing Employee Engagement Through Connection and Coaching
  • Managing Conflict with Courage

If you know you want to provide empowerment to your leaders, managers, and teams, but you’re not sure what that looks like, don’t worry, I will help you think that through and craft it with you. But let’s start thinking about it now…it’s still September! 

Reach out and send me a note with your thoughts (I’ll give you grace if they’re not fully formed! 😉)