We shared the Scout Motto, Be Prepared in last week’s Thought Partner Friday. If you missed it, you can read it here

Along the same lines of being prepared for things you may not necessarily anticipate, there are things, or more specifically conversations, you may find yourself dreading with anticipation. Those difficult conversations can span a wide range of topics and participants – personal and professional.

After a recent presentation, a participant asked if I had a cheat sheet with tips or a formula I could provide for a conversation he was anticipating. We talked through how to prepare, some ideas to keep in mind, and how to conclude the conversation with action items and agreement. At the end of our conversation, he told me he wished I would write these thoughts up so he could distribute them to his management team.  

Well, imagine my “duh” moment as I realized 30 minutes after our conversation that I already had!

So as I emailed him shortly after returning to my office that day, so too do I email you as well. 

If you would like tips and a “formula” to conduct anticipated conversations, that may or may not be challenging, check out the article I published (and clearly forgot about): Conduct Difficult Conversations with Success Using These 7 Tips.

Happy reading and Happy FriYAY!