As a solopreneur, sometimes I find it a little challenging not being a member of a “team”.

I consider myself part of my clients’ teams – their coach, their external thought partner, their semi-evil mirror mirror on the Zoom, depending on the day.

But it’s more of a rare occasion that I’m asked to be part of an actual team. Since we’re focusing on the players on our team this month, I thought I would share a unique team experience I had recently. 

For several years now, a hot-button word that has been known to incite excitable discussion and over-exaggerated eye rolls is “PASSION”. In fact, people have been talking about the search for it, the lack of it, and the existence of it so much lately that the blogger-sphere has exploded with the musings of coffee-shop pundits posting about it at record speed.

So what better opportunity for me to join a team than to participate in a conversation with executive coaches, life coaches, and other thought leaders discussing the one thing you should do to “discover” your passion?

Eleven of us participated in the exchange (giving me a team of 10 people)!

In my opinion, the best recommendation is #9, but I don’t want to appear biased against my teammates. 

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