As we are on the Friday Eve of Mother’s Day, I am highlighting a Rock Star Executive Mom of three (one being a newborn!) whom I’ve worked with for over a year. Amada Abbott, Human Resources Executive, and I connected shortly after I presented at the SHRM Talent Conference. Since that time, we’ve embarked on an extended 1:1 coaching engagement which also included a full-day workshop with the awesome leadership team at Buildings By Design in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

As coaching engagements conclude, I often ask my clients to reflect on their coaching experience, contemplate their revelations, and determine what their next steps are going to be, without me as their Thought Partner (although I never quite disappear; once you’re in the network I always keep tabs and root for you…😉).

Amada’s reflections were so inspiring that I asked if she would allow me to share them with all of you. She generously obliged.

Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of amazing Moms (and all of us actually) who continue to excel, strive for, and achieve greatness! Enjoy each one of your successes!

 1.  What have you achieved as a result of our coaching?
Working with you has been a highlight of my career. Words will never be able to express the gratitude I have felt being able to work with you this past year. I truly wanted to focus on leadership development and with your help that is exactly what was accomplished. Even the workshop you conducted with us is still a topic of discussion to this day within our leadership team. Leaders have expressed their gratitude to have learned about different personality types/ different ways to communicate and how impactful it has been in their leadership abilities to manage their teams.
 2.  As a result of the coaching process, what behaviors have you changed?
Curiosity. I tend to ask questions first before giving a response. This has helped the people I interact with know that I do not communicate based off of assumptions and that I am truly listening to comprehend and not just reply.
 3.  What “beliefs” do you no longer hold as “true”?
I used to think I could never “have it all” (work life, mom life, wife life). I always thought that my time had to be split up evenly and that if something was lacking then everything else would fall through the cracks soon after. Now that I reflect and remember that 100% looks different every day, I am in awe of what I can get done. And I am starting to see that a lot of other people are in awe of what I can accomplish as well.
 4.  What have you learned about yourself?
Everyone is their own superhero. What they can handle/ what they can delegate or change about themselves will always be different. Working with you has truly given me the confidence that has always been there, but just needed some encouragement to come out.
 5. What “learnings” will you carry forward?
Endless. From every conversation with you, I feel like there was always a tip on how to tackle an issue, move forward, or create something great. You’ve given me almost a full year of resources and tips that have now been intertwined into my life that I can’t pick just one.
 6.  What has been the most satisfying part of the coaching process for you?
I have always heard of others who had coaching experiences and they have always been so positive. I can now say that I am someone who has truly benefited greatly from having Stacy Berg Jackson as a coach. Thank you again for everything.

When I read Amada’s comments, I felt like a Rock Star, and it was the most amazing feeling.

If you’re moved to tell someone in your world (work or personal) how much they have impacted you, I hope you take the opportunity today to do it. And I hope that gift is returned to you tenfold.

If you’re reading this, I know you’re a Rock Star.

Have an incredible Friday.