Even though today is April Fool’s Day; what I’m about to share is NOT a joke!

For several months, I’ve had multiple conversations with the following theme:

I really want coaching, but:

  • I’m not interested in sharing this desire with my current organization; how can I work with you without going through my company?
  • my current employer isn’t committed to investing; how can I work with you privately?
  • I’m hesitant to sign a long-term contract like my company would have to sign because I have specific goals I want to achieve quickly; how can I work with you on my personal, targeted goals?
  • I’m thinking about leaving my job and I feel guilty asking my organization to invest in coaching with these thoughts in mind now; how can I work with you in a personal coaching capacity?  

I’m excited to finally answer these questions AND announce the launch of…

Strengths-Based Jumpstart

Personalized Professional Coaching for motivated, successful individuals, focused on achieving their personal and professional goals.

I’m excited to move this program from the pilot phase to the launch phase! (And I’ll admit I’m a little nervous as well. However, rereading this Thought Partner Friday was helpful in finally “shipping it”; good advice is good advice, after all!)

Click the link above to learn more or contact me directly!

Please share this information with a colleague, a friend, or someone you feel would find value in exploring this opportunity.