When Princess Elsa first numbed our brains with her catchy little hit “Let it Go” (only to be later rivaled by the demonic stylings of Baby Shark), I admit I found myself thinking “This girl has NO idea; it’s just not that easy, ELSA!!”

Letting things go can be difficult; especially since we have multiple projects, plans, worries, initiatives, and people relying on us at any given moment of the day. Compound our swirling tornado brain to-dos with the fact that most of us think we actually have control, or at the very least, influence over the majority of these things, if not ALL of them.

This is a recipe for unnecessary worry, stress and overwhelm. Time to get a grip and a realistic picture of what we CONTROL, what we INFLUENCE, and what needs to hit the ice with the princess.

Today I’m returning some of your own mental real estate so you can actively and successfully get moving on the things that you really do control. I’m also giving you a SUPER FUN GAME (mmm hmm, that’s right) to help you truly identify the “stuff”, living rent-free, in your brain, so you can finally… LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOO.

Take a look at the graphic below.
Better yet, click HERE and download the pdf so you can play along.

(Did you think I was kidding? Do you know you’re 42% more likely to be successful with your goals and accomplishments when you write them down? I’ll just wait here while you click and print.)


Okay, here’s your task:

STEP 1: GET DUMPING – You can complete this first step in one of two ways.

  1. Rapid fire data dump your brain of its worries and thoughts by making a long list on the back of your graphic. Next, attempt to write each item in one of the three categories, using the questions in Step 2.
  2. Or simply think about each concern discretely as it comes to your mind and write it in one of the three categories.

STEP 2: GET REAL – For each item on your list or on your mind, I want you to ask yourself:

  1. DO I HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THIS? (Can I resolve this on my own without needing anyone else’s help or input?)
    1. If YES, write it down in the first circle.
  2. DO I HAVE PARTIAL CONTROL or CAN I INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME? (Can I partly resolve or influence the outcome through my actions or behavior?)
    1. If YES, write it down in the second circle.
  3. IS THIS COMPLETELY OUT OF MY CONTROL or INFLUENCE? (Is there nothing I can do or say that could directly impact this situation? Is this truly up to someone else, something else, the universef, Olaf?)
    1. If YES, write it down outside the circles.


  1. Within your CONTROL – Write one thing you’re going to do TODAY to take action on one of the items you listed here. Just one today; tomorrow is another day and another action.
  2. Within your INFLUENCE – Write one thing you’re going to do within the next 3-5 DAYS.
  3. LET GOOOOOOO OF EVERYTHING ELSE – You can do nothing to control or influence these items so free yourself from wasting time, energy, stress and mental real estate. Get a Sharpie and treat yourself to the joy of physically crossing all of these out! Or grab some scissors and trim them off so you’re keeping only the important stuff in your view.

Focus on what you can control and influence; let go of the rest.

Now that we’ve got all this extra time and space in our brain… Do you want to build a snowman?

(Our February focus is about exploring issues with Control and Delegation. Tune in each Friday in February to work on your inner Control Freak!)

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