Last week I mentioned that in November we’re going to focus on the courage to be fearless. I fearlessly plugged my workshop topics for the upcoming year and, not being a true marketer or a comfortable self-promoter, I admit that was actually challenging. However, the results were awesome and I’m grateful for the inquiries and the positive reception I received! 

This month we’re going to continue to examine behaviors, that when put into action, assist us with the courage to be fearless, help us take the next step in our lives and in our leadership, and encourage others to do the same.

In her book, The Fearless Organization, Amy C. Edmondson, discusses the concept of Situational Humility – meaning if we are to adopt a learning mindset (one where we admit we don’t know all the answers, to everything!) then humility must lie at the heart of all the challenging situations we face. Calling upon the need for humility can sometimes be difficult – especially when you are the leader, expected to have the answers, while also expected to create an environment that invites answers and engagement from others.

Below are THREE of Amy’s tips to help in your quest to be a courageous and fearless leader:

How to Practice COURAGEOUS and FEARLESS Leadership:

  1. Acknowledge your errors and your shortcomings – respect is earned not when you are the perfect leader, but when you are the human leader – fallible, just like everyone else.
  2. Be Willing to be Vulnerable – your vulnerability gives space to others to step up and offer diverse opinions and potential solutions that you may not see.
  3. Minimize Result Obsession – power can cause leaders to become overly obsessed with outcomes and control, inadvertently ramping up people’s fear in the process. Fear of losing bonuses, fear of not hitting targets, and fear of failing. As a consequence, the drive to experiment and learn is stifled, increasing fear, reducing individual risk-taking, and inhibiting motivation.

How will you practice Situational Humility in the coming week?

Where are the opportunities for you to practice one or more of these strategies?

How courageous and fearless can you be as you look to wrap up 2022?