Last week we discussed the concept of Situational Humility – adopting a learning mindset (where we admit we don’t know all the answers, and it’s okay) while then having the humility and courage to face those challenging situations. 

Over the next two Thought Partners, I’m going to invite you to challenge yourself, as a leader in your organization, community, home, etc…to examine how you are creating space and openness to invite voices, other than your own, into the conversation. Diversity of thought, perspective, and experience drive innovation and creative solutions. Don’t we all want that? A new and different way of going about our lives and the work of our business.

How many meetings (or Zoom sessions) have you attended when only one person or the same few speak and offer their opinions?

How many times have you, as the leader, yearned for others on your team to come forth with another perspective?

Have you ever thought, “I know not everyone agrees with this idea, how can I get them to tell me what they’re really thinking and not just go along?”

Would you like some tried and true sentence starters to help INVITE more VOICE into your discussions and help you address some of these questions? 


INVITE VOICE into your discussions – Try these 5 Questions:

1. What haven’t we considered?
2. Who can give us a different opinion or suggestion that we haven’t yet discussed?
3. Who can poke holes in this idea for us?
4. What could make this a bad idea?
5. If this idea is a 7, what could make it a 10?

These questions are easy examples to promote and solicit engagement, encourage pre-problem and solution finding, and encourage people to contribute in ways that make them feel strong, confident, and creative. 

Give them a try this coming week. 

Next week we will switch focus from INVITING VOICE to FINDING YOURS and AMPLIFYING OTHERS. 

I invite you to join me.