September, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, can feel very much like the start of a new year. Therefore, is there any merit to this growing concept that “September is the New January”?

Let’s take a look at some trends and evaluate for ourselves:

  • Students have returned to start a new school year
  • Wardrobes in closets rotate (for those who have the excitement of weather-changing seasons)
  • Gym memberships see a spike in enrollment – similar to January numbers 
  • Weight Watchers has listed September as its second-highest month for enrollment 
  • Hollywood’s “serious” movie award contenders are released for consideration
  • Apple typically releases its newest iPhone (Hello, iPhone 15, see you soon!)
  • New car models hit the dealerships this month
  • People start to make plans for their next career move (maybe that’s even you)
  • Time spent browsing “budget software”, as we focus on tightening our summer spending in preparation for the holidays, has historically seen an uptick this month
  • And if you are celebrating the start of Rosh Hashana this evening, literally…HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Well, what do you think?
Is there a case here for September as the new January, or at least as a time to restart and refresh the year?

I think so. And if you agree with me, I’ll offer you two ways to internalize this information:

1. Panic about all the goals, plans, deadlines, metrics, etc… that have yet to be accomplished and view each as an obstacle you need to surmount 


2. Mentally press your Ctl + Alt + Delete keys (for all my PC users) and view each of those ideas, plans, goals, projects, and visions as opportunities 

Obstacles? or Opportunities?

If you selected #1, schedule a coaching session with me. Or some alone time with yourself. Actually, both. 

If you selected #2, you’ve got the mindset you need to (re)start this year right. 

In January, we view the year as full of opportunities.
In September, let’s do the same.

With September’s final two Thought Partners, I’ll provide you with opportunities to restart the year for yourself and your team. Stay tuned for those!