A very big THANK YOU to those who attended Leading With Strengths! earlier this week at the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County; it was a pleasure to see you and as always an honor to be invited to speak and support Equal Business Opportunities right here in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Well, here we are…four weeks into the new year already! 

As I mentioned in the first Thought Partner of 2024, our focus for January was not going to be on resolutions or gym routines, but on owning who we are, the values that have shaped us, and how much of those values we want to share with others in the coming year. Thus far I think we’ve stayed true to that goal.

So no matter if you joined us on that journey or if you decided that resolutions and goal-setting were more your speed this year, you may find that it’s time to check in on the past month’s progress. 

How’s it going?
Are you holding to the initial thoughts or routines you wanted to establish?
Are you feeling positive about where you are “one month in”?

I hope so. I hope the answers to those questions are resoundingly positive and intentionally future-focused. However, if you’re not feeling overwhelmingly positive, and I suspect a few of you may not be, take a minute to think about the YES instead of the NO. 

Here are a few thoughts to help you recalibrate or keep you moving in the right direction”:

1. Focus on what you’ve done, not what you haven’t done. 

2. Move beyond “I didn’t do that”; it’s self-defeating. Do whatever it is today or tomorrow. Then you’ve done it and the statement isn’t true. 

3. Put energy into action – Don’t look at the finish line; look at the next step in front of you.

4. Take a “What’s-Working-Tour” and name 5 things (RIGHT NOW) that are working. Do this often; don’t make it a one-and-done.
(Cher’s been on her “farewell tour” for years. Be like Cher; keep repeating your own hits!)