About two months ago, I wrote an exceptionally brilliant Thought Partner Friday titled “ScRIPt IT”. If you missed those pearls of wisdom, you can read that mind-bending prose HERE.

In keeping with our October theme of Falling Into Good Habits, today we’re going to expound upon the technique of “ScRIPting” your thoughts, while also establishing successful habits for conducting difficult conversations.

I’m going to peel back the curtain of brilliance even further and give you every step you’ll need to know in order to successfully conduct (most) any challenging conversation you’ll face in the near future. 

Actually, I think I’ll just invite you to read my published article, in the latest edition of CALA News & Views, and you can do all the peeling yourself! (After all, I already did the heavy lifting of writing the article once, why should I write again here!)

Here are Your To-Dos:
1. Click HERE
2. Read the article (print it and keep it handy!)
3. Use and practice the tips
4. Have great conversations
5. Enjoy the weekend